We are strategic and project consultant and have done more than 150 industrial assignments all over the world. For more than 40 years, we are working in financial restructuring, sorting out technical, commercial, financial, and legal problems, system studies and analysis and solutions to various sectors. We have also handled share issues and legal problems with banks and NCLT.
At present we have following assignments in hand.
1. Assisting in Systems Private lockers project in Virginia, US (Two locations)
2. Strategic consultancy for ornament industry (sales more than 100 cr)
3. Integrated religious project at Sangmner with cost of Rs. 20 crores. (Engineering and financial service)
4. Helping in establishing CST plant in India with possible joint venture.
5. Strategic consultancy and financial restructuring for large MSEDCL contactor
6. Advices on Sponsorship, financing and presentation for Badminton academy.
7. Strategic Consultancy to PEB (Pre Engineered Buildings) SME Industry.

Bio data of our principal consultant Mr. Avinash Joshi
Recently completed assignments
1. Techno feasibility study for plastic unit
2. Strategic consultancy for Packaging industry (sale 10 cr)
Research Assignments in Hand
1. Under water exercise equipment’s
2. Agronomy projects for high intensity Moringa Cultivation.